Review of Iranian instruction programs for clinical pharmacy

Zahra Tolou-Ghamari


It is well known that clinical pharmacists could play an important role associated to pharmacotherapy management for each disorder. Therefore, keeping an applied evidence-based-strategy should be considered as instructed program based on awareness toward profession. This study aimed to describe all challenges regarding to clinical pharmacy teaching programs' that Iranian faculty of pharmacy might face with it. In order to attain high excellence, evidence based pharmacotherapy care should be considered as rational developing insight linked to the clinical pharmacy instruction program. Individual experience or expert judgment alone seem to be not sufficient to support final decision for each patient, therefore there is need for inserting packages that included pharmacotherapy strategy associated to monitoring and assessing clinical response. Finally, establishing evidence-based practice is important for pharmacotherapy care in order to be effective, rationalized and applicable to patients' population. For performing a suitable teaching model toward clinical pharmacy courses, Iranian clinical pharmacist tutors must accept and vigorously contribute in the investigation desired to launch the required evidence-base pharmacotherapy care that accompanied by undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy students.


Teaching, Pharmacy, Clinical, Hospital, Pharmacotherapy, Iranian

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