Effect of milk cleansing and all-in-one serum on the facial skin

Hirohisa Kojima, Michihiro Mori, Jun Matsuyama


The goal of this study is to assess reduction in dirt accumulation in pores, improving crow’s feet, moisture content, elasticity, and lightness of the skin through the combined use of two skincare products, cleansing milk and all-in-one serum. All 14 participants (mean age: 45.0±4.8) completed their course of study. As they neither experienced any adverse events nor became ineligible for subsequent assessment, the results from all the 14 participants were subjected to analysis. As for the objective indexes of skin conditions, the 6-week intervention significantly lowered crow’s feet score (1.8 to 1.4) in the applied group. Moreover, significant improvement was observed in cheek pore condition (3.0 to 3.4), nostril pore condition (3.0 to 3.5), and skin elasticity (0.6 to 0.8). Meanwhile, the other group with no product application did not show statistically significant changes in crow’s feet score, cheek pore condition, and skin elasticity. Furthermore, nostril pore condition became worse; the applied group showed improvement while for the unapplied group it remained unchanged or became worse. There was a statistically significant difference in the scores between the groups. No statistically significant difference was found in moisture content during the study period for the applied group, while moisture content dropped significantly in the unapplied group. With regards to moisture loss, the intervention caused neither within-group variation nor inter-group differences. In the subjective indexes of skin conditions, Crow’s feet score in the applied group showed improvement (2.5 to 3.2) while its score in the unapplied group decreased; the change in this score significantly differed between the two groups. In the applied group, the score for each item increased significantly, showing improvement in the corresponding skin condition (dirt from pores (2.2 to 3.3), enlarged pores (1.9 to 3.0), skin lightening (2.4 to 3.2), skin firmness (2.3 to 3.2), skin dryness (1.8 to 3.5), and flawless makeup application (2.2 to 3.6)). In the unapplied group, those scores showed little change before and after the intervention. Intergroup comparison revealed that a feet, skin moisture content, elasticity, and lightness in all the subjective indexes in the applied group were significantly improved compared to those in the unapplied group. We suggest that the combined use of the milk cleansing and the all-in-one serum for six weeks reduces dirt accumulation in pores, enlarged pores, improves crow’s feet, skin moisture content, elasticity, and lightness in healthy Japanese women.



Milk cleansing, all-in-one serum, facial skin, skincare

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