Chronic hypertension with gestational diabetes mellitus: What about complications?

Ana Correia Campos, Ana Catarina Massa, Ricardo Rangel, Manuela Cardoso, Maria Augusta Borges


The aim of this study was to evaluate the impact of chronic hypertension and gestational diabetes on pregnancy outcomes. We conducted a historical cohort study of 334 women undergoing singleton births in a Portuguese tertiary care center in Lisbon during 2012. Women were categorized into gestational diabetes mellitus with or without chronic hypertension. Pregnancy outcomes were compared using nonparametric tests. Multivariable analysis was used to control for potential confounders. The rate of preeclampsia in women with both chronic hypertension and gestational diabetes was 26.8% versus 3.8% in women with only gestational diabetes (p<0.05). Preterm birth was significantly more frequent in women with diabetes and chronic hypertension, 22.9% versus 9.7%, compared with women who only had gestational diabetes (p<0.05). The rate of newborns small for gestational age in women with the two conditions was 19.1% versus 7.6% in women with only gestational diabetes (p<0.05), but the rate of large for gestational age newborns in women of chronic hypertension and gestational diabetes was 9.6% versus 3.8% in gestational diabetes (p<0.05). The impact of having both chronic hypertension and gestational diabetes in pregnancy leads to poor pregnancy and perinatal outcomes, represented by more maternal, obstetrical and neonatal morbidity.


Chronic hypertension; gestational diabetes; preeclampsia; preterm birth

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