De Garengeot hernia: Is appendectomy necessary?

Hasan Calis, Serdar Sahin, Serif Melih Karabeyoglu, Nuraydin Ozlem


Incarcerated femoral hernias are uncommon and incarceration of the appendix in femoral hernia is named as "De Garengeot hernia.” It is generally an incidental finding in hernia repair. We operated that incarceration with right femoral hernia and direct right inguinal hernia without appendectomy. A 58-year-old female patient who had been monitored for 2 months in another clinic with the diagnosis of right inguinal lymphadenopathy was admitted to our hospital. In the superficial ultrasonography, they observed 17x10 mm reactive lymph nodes, right femoral hernia with tubular structure located in the hernia sac, and inguinal hernia in its superior. On elective conditions, the patient was operated upon and an oblique incision was made on the right inguinal ligament, then it was observed that the appendix was incarcerated with right femoral hernia and direct right inguinal hernia. The femoral and inguinal hernia were repaired with a prolene mesh graft and the appendix was sent into the abdomen. In conclusion, differential diagnoses must be considered for patients diagnosed with inguinal lymphadenopathy.



Femoral hernia, De Garengeot, apppendectomy, iguinal hernia

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